Peace in strength.  Like the mighty oak that has survived some 600 years in what is now my back yard, we engage with experience and resilience.  Whether the winds blow hard or the sun shines bright, we go on, deeply rooted and stretching for the heavens.

Strength in peace.  Many challenges of the world, and Pharmaceutical R&D, grow out of mere misunderstandings.  We seek to enhance mutual understanding and peaceful cooperation toward shared objectives.

- Peace and Strength by Kevin Freiert

Open Water: Selecting a Research Project

By Kevin Freiert | March 25, 2019 |

The second module in our series on Decision Making in Pharmaceutical Research and Development will dive a little deeper into the decisions about selection, funding, and support for Research Projects. The underlying goal of our new course is to help equip you to be an effective part of a Research Team. Are you ready?

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Bringing Hope to Patients as Partners

By Kevin Freiert | March 16, 2019 |

At Patients as Partners, our panel spoke about HOPE and asked the audience to think about a few questions.
–What is the power of hope?
–How much is hope worth?
–How much value do you create each time you give or receive hope?

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Confidence is Key By Guest Author Dillon Head

By Jamie Roger | January 22, 2019 |

In life, you’re given a gift; confidence. What you do with that gift is up to you and only you. In my life I have also been given a few other “gifts” that I didn’t ask for, opened, and now I have to deal with them. At age 15 or…

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Salem Oaks Reaching High in 2019 

By Kevin Freiert | January 8, 2019 |

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson  Dare to imagine a world in which people are equipped to collaborate to successfully shape the health ecosystem of the future.  All parties involved are going to need to learn to work together in brand new ways to make this…

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Salem Oaks Consulting Announced as Platinum Sponsor at Third Annual Patient Experience Symposium May 1-3, 2019

By Heather McCullen | December 11, 2018 |

Salem Oaks Consulting Announced as Platinum Sponsor at Third Annual Patient Experience Symposium May 1-3, 2019 Official Event Hashtag: #PatientExperience, Twitter @patientexpsym BOSTON – (December 11, 2018) The Patient Experience Symposium is pleased to announce Salem Oaks Consulting as a Platinum Sponsor.  This highly acclaimed conference, being held May 1-3, 2019 at…

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Helping Patients Influence R&D

By Kevin Freiert | December 6, 2018 |

Healthcare is rapidly changing.  Patients, their families, and their advocates are playing a bigger role in decision-making about their care.  In addition, the biopharmaceutical industry is realizing that patients can make a valuable contribution to the entire R&D process.  They are looking for patients (and others) who can influence the…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Salem Oaks

By Heather McCullen | November 22, 2018 |

At Salem Oaks we have a lot to be thankful for this year. As a young company everything feels new, but the people we’ve connected with already feel like old friends. We’re especially thankful for everyone who has helped test our offerings, participated in our surveys, or gave us guidance…

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All I have to do is tell my story?

By Jamie Roger | October 3, 2018 |

Attending conferences has played a beneficial role in my understanding of the importance of my work.  I believe that in order to succeed at what you are doing you need a clear understanding of a shared goal but also an internal motivation to achieve that goal. I am also aware…

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Making a Change

By Jamie Roger | September 14, 2018 |

The acorn has sprouted   Salem Oaks has done a lot in the last year or so.  When this company began it was just an idea.  Over the last year, not only has the company grown, but projects are now under way and in action.  We are actively gaining an…

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Welcome to Narnia

By Jamie Roger | September 6, 2018 |
Nikola Knezevic on

New beginnings aren’t always scary, Right? In February I decided to open the door to a world that I knew very little about. I had a willingness to embark on this adventure but no idea what I would find.  Turns out, I was right about how foreign this new world…

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