Focus on What You Do Best

Salem Oaks builds educational resources about pharmaceutical research and development tailored to the specific needs of your organization, so you can focus on what you do best, bringing patients together.

People facing a diagnosis look to disease communities, especially patient foundations, for guidance and support on their patient journey. Patient foundations strive to give patients and families information and opportunities to contribute. But resources are limited and individual patient foundations don’t always have the manpower or expertise to cover all areas.

We can work with your organization to create disease-specific programs that specifically meet the needs of your community. These can include programs that bolster your people’s knowledge, skills, and confidence. 

The following are just a few examples of what we are able to offer. We will work with your organization to create custom education to meet the specific needs of your members.

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Online Learning and Short Courses

Finding the course that's right for your community members

Sometimes we need to move at our own pace, and for that reason Salem Oaks offers online courses that can be taken at any time.  These self-paced courses offer an interactive insight into the Research and Development Process.

Four Week Courses

Interactive, virtual courses designed for a "team" of 8-10 individuals

Is your patient community interested in exploring a specific topic, phase of drug development, or another issue? We will create a 4-week experience that is tailored to a direct need of your organization. These courses allow participants to dive deeper, practice problem-solving and strengthen relationships with others in the community.  Talk to us to see how we can help.

Eight Week Courses

Interactive, virtual courses designed for a "team" of 8-10 individuals

Eight week courses can provide a broad and deep overview of the world of Drug Research and Development or dive even deeper into a specific topic. Participants are given the chance to work through a case study of the challenges of bringing a new medicine through the pipeline. The participants use their knowledge of their disease to shape the case to their needs. The case uses realistic obstacles designed to challenge thinking and solidify understanding of the topics discussed.

Participants walk away with increased knowledge, improved skills, and more confidence. They become more effective advocates and partners in research. Let's get started.

Full Service Educational Programming

Let us do the work

We are here to help.  Set up a time to discuss with us the educational needs of your organization and how we can implement these for you.