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Every medicine in your pharmacy has a human story behind it. Real people doing real work and living real lives.

We all have romantic ideas about scientists working late into the evening or doctors dropping everything to answer a phone call about a patient. You can almost envision the moment when one of those researchers finally solves an intellectual puzzle and leaps into action. Their eyes go from an empty stare to an alert laser-like focus. They sit a bit taller and start to read frantically. I am sure you’ve seen those movies too.

But is it real? Is that how it really happens?

Have a Story to Tell?

We are always looking for people who have R&D experience to be guests on our show.  Do you have a good story that would help educate our listeners about the trials and tribulations of medical research?

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Improbable Developments was created to introduce the people of the Biopharma Industry to our listeners: patients, caregivers, and families.  Your financial support will allow us to continue producing Improbable Developments. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Amy Grover: Building Bridges Between Patients and Biopharma

“Pharmaceutical companies sometimes have a bad rap of being, you know, big, bad pharmacy. But I learned…

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Helping the Patients He Can. For Free. For Life. – Stanley Crooke, MD, PhD

Imagine you are one of only 10 people in the world with a disease.  People with ultra-rare…

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Alison Bateman-House, MPH, PhD: Not can we… but should we? Bioethics

“I don’t think a bioethicist is normally who people have come to their elementary school career day….

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Emerging Researcher: Shandra Trantham

In the last of our Emerging Researchers Series, I speak with Shandra Trantham, a Ph.D. candidate at…

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Emerging Research: Emily McIntosh

In the latest episode of our Emerging Researchers Series, we talk to Emily McIntosh (@MCINTOSE) a recent…

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Emerging Researcher: Robin Powers

We continue our Emerging Researchers series with an interview with Robin Powers, a student just starting her…

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Emerging Researcher: Layne Rodden

We are excited to introduce our Emerging Researcher Series. Over the next 4 months, we will be talking…

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Ethan Perlstein: Scientific Coaching for Rare Families

We first met Dr. Ethan Perlstein on our other podcast Raising Rare.  Dr. Perlstein is a biotechnology entrepreneur….

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Lynne Becker: Re-empowering TBI Patients

Put me in the game coach. These six simple words can be putting athletes, soldiers, and employees…

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Mike Wenger: Improving Clinical Trial Data Transparency

Mike Wenger is Vice President of Patient Engagement at TrialScope. A brain tumor patient and software developer,…

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