Our Vision

A world in which people are equipped to collaborate to successfully shape the health ecosystem of the future

Our Mission

To offer all people involved in healthcare the tools to work together to develop better treatments for a wide range of diseases. 

We offer education and opportunities for practice to build confidence for patients, and their support networks, with the goal of increased collaboration and changing the current healthcare climate.

Likewise, we offer other healthcare stakeholders expert consultation and education to improve their ability to recognize and work with patients as partners.

We facilitate connections among our growing network of patients and their support, industry, and solution providers.

Our Values


People’s unique perspectives and experiences are extremely valuable.


People are the answer to solving the most difficult medical problems.


Education and practice can help people communicate, contribute, collaborate, and take full advantage of all the expertise to develop better solutions.

Our Lightbulb Moment

“You have cancer and I am not able to treat you.  You are going to need to see a specialist.” 

It was official, I was a cancer patient and now had to begin one of the most terrifying and intense learning journeys I had ever been on.  That was over 20 years ago.

I remember feeling like there was an invisible team working on me.  I never got to see all of them in one room. It was as if I was not even part of the team.

I wasn’t.

Salem Oaks was born out of that journey and shaped by my 30-years of working in Pharmaceutical R&D.

The light bulb came on just weeks before my planned retirement when a Parkinson's Disease patient spoke at our worldwide department meeting.

A Better Way

We dare to imagine a world in which people are equipped to collaborate to successfully shape the health ecosystem of the future.

After years of working in healthcare silos, healthcare professionals, industry, and patients, along with their caregivers, have forgotten how to talk to each other, let alone work together. There is a major shift occurring in healthcare today and these silos are starting to break down.  Salem Oaks works to help people understand each other once again.


We were established based on some core beliefs.  We believe that:

  • Patients become experts in their own disease in a way that scientists and medical professionals cannot.
  • The vast potential of a patient's expertise is not being applied to the development of new medicines.
  • Those patients deserve to be at the table throughout the Research and Development process.
  • Companies want these patients to be involved.
  • There is a gap between the two that must and can be filled by preparing both to work together


We create educational experiences that will prepare patients, parents, caregivers, and advocates to have a greater impact on the course of their health and the health of others through their active participation in developing medicines.  We work with patients to build the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to have a real impact.  We want to bridge the gap between scientists who chose to enter the field and patients who did not.

We deliver these experiences through partnerships with the non-profit organizations that these patients rely on.  Our goal is to strengthen the reputation of these non-profits as the best independent source, the first port of call for patients seeking to find out more.

It is Time

Salem Oaks is poised to help build and rebuild the relationships between stakeholders.  We are working to understand why gaps in communication exist and developing solutions to close them.  The roots we establish in these early days will prepare us for branching out in the future.

Maybe it is time for you to find out how we can help. 

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Our Team

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Associate Director, Research

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Associate Director, Operations