Focus on What You Do Best

People facing a diagnosis look to disease communities, especially patient foundations, for guidance and support on their patient journey. Patient foundations strive to give patients and families information and opportunities to contribute.

But resources are limited and individual patient foundations don’t always have the manpower or expertise to cover all areas.

Salem Oaks builds educational resources about pharmaceutical research and development tailored to the specific needs of your organization, so you can focus on what you do best, bringing patients together.

This course gave me hope and I wish
I could have taken it when I first was diagnosed.

It brought together a group of people I already knew,
put all of us in a different situation and saw us adapt to it.
I feel like it also brought us closer.

Having the confidence to publicly speak better and...
be able to talk to people in a formal or professional setting has always scared me
but now I feel I have the courage to do it more!

What can we do for you?

Education that can make a difference

As a patient foundation you have already done the work to bring patients together.  Now is your chance to get their voices heard by Pharmaceutical companies.  We want to work with you to develop programs and resources to help those patients better understand the research and development of medicines and how they can make a difference.

The trailer below is only a glimpse of what is offered in the online learnings, but it is the perfect place to get started.  If it looks interesting, we invite you to take the first course in our series at no charge.

The medicines introduced today began to be shaped 12-15 years ago by the decisions made by chemists, biologists, clinicians, managers, and regulators.  Many of those decisions were made at risk with incomplete information.

Decisions, Decisions gives you a high-level overview of the decisions required to find and develop a new medicine.

Are you ready to try the course? YES

Are you ready to see how we can help?

Educational resources can be daunting and time-consuming, we want to make that easier for you

Our collaboration with Salem Oaks provided an opportunity
to engage our patient community in a problem-based learning method
to build capacity for impactful feedback to industry sponsors on clinical trial designs.

The online format allowed all interested patients to participate
without the expense of travel and disruption to schedules.

Salem Oaks facilitates actionable solutions
to ensure data informing regulatory approval
captures information important to patients.