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Are you trying to increase your patient engagement as a company? Salem Oaks will work with you to better hear the patient voice and find opportunities for them to work with you.  This can be time and cost saving and will produce a product that is more beneficial to your customer base.

That industry faces so many challenges.
It is easier, now, for me to have empathy for the professionals and industry
I rely on to make me healthy.

I had some knowledge but this course broke it down and gave me more of the process... 
It also gave me the drive to finish my clinical drug trial because
I was able to compare the process to a real-life experience! 

As a patient, I definitely learned more about the scientific side
and I feel more confident in researching future trials I’ll be participating in

For me, I had no idea all the complexities and shots that need to be fired
to lead to an FDA approved treatment.
I think, for me, understanding all the difficulties has given me a greater appreciation
for how a cure/treatment will be found for Friedreich's Ataxia.

Salem Oaks offers consulting services to allow companies to better understand the importance and value of involving patients and care-partners in your strategic and tactical discussions and decision-making.

Many companies are creating “Patient Engagement” or “Patient Advocacy” roles in Medical Affairs or Commercial.  There is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge by implementing similar efforts further back in the R&D pipeline.

The companies that want to involve patients and caregivers in R&D can find it frustrating.

  • Patients are hard to find.
  • SOPs may make it difficult to have open and honest conversations.
  • People in the patient community do not understand the R&D.

And the company's colleagues may not feel comfortable talking to patients and their families.

It can be scary.

We can provide insights to your R&D team about how to reach out to patients and their care partners more effectively.  We can break down the walls between you and patients created by language, legal and regulatory restrictions, and fear.

There may also be opportunities for you to sponsor the educational efforts of the Disease Foundations and Patient Advocacy Organizations for the disease areas you are working in. This will prepare patients to be able to give you their A-Game when you invite them to the R&D table.

We can help you learn how to create more value by involving patients, caregivers, and advocates earlier in R&D.

Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining patients into your clinical trials?

Many patients want to contribute and participate in clinical trials.

However, they see most clinical trial protocols to be ignoring their practical needs.  Sometimes they feel that the protocols are not measuring relevant endpoints.  Even the language of the protocol can become a barrier to enrollment.

We have been working with patients and caregivers to give them the skills they need to review the protocols and give you actionable feedback.

Have you had any late stage or commercial failures because you had not collected the patient-driven data that Regulators, HTA bodies, and payers are demanding?

Through this process, we have learned more about patient and caregiver's fundamental concerns, the diversity of these concerns, and the kinds of questions they want to be answered.  We have also learned that they are afraid of asking 'silly' questions or looking unworthy of making suggestions.

It can be scary.

We can help you recognize these factors and improve your approach to working with these knowledgeable experts.  We'd love to share our insights with you. Give us a call.

Do your colleagues need to know more about Drug Discovery and Development?

New colleagues are entering a brand new world.  Long-time colleagues may have found themselves feeling siloed.  In most cases, people perform better when they know how their job fits into the bigger picture.

Our educational programs help your employees who want to understand the end-to-end discovery and development process.

Please give us a call and we can discuss which type of plan fits your company best.