Amy Grover: Building Bridges Between Patients and Biopharma

“Pharmaceutical companies sometimes have a bad rap of being, you know, big, bad pharmacy. But I learned that the patient or the people I am working with right now are just as passionate and just as dedicated to the patient community as I am.” Amy Grover, Director of Patient Advocacy at Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

Amy Grover is a familiar face to the rare disease community. She spent 10 years at Global Genes before joining Catalyst Pharmaceuticals. At Global Genes she learned about rare diseases and the challenges they create for people. In her job now, she is working to bridge the gap between biopharma and the patients and families affected diseases like Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS). Sounds like a familiar mission.

Amy moved from the patient side to industry much like I moved from industry to the patient world. We both were surprised by a few things that we saw as we passed through the looking glass between the two. We both recognize that one of the first steps to bridging this gap is mutual respect. If we work on this, the benefits of partnering will flow.

I really enjoyed sharing insights looking at the problem from both directions.