Lynne Becker: Re-empowering TBI Patients

Put me in the game coach.

These six simple words can be putting athletes, soldiers, and employees at great risk. Lynne Becker knows this from her experience building a database of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) for the department of defense. A bit closer to home, both of her daughters have experienced TBI. She has dedicated her life to helping these patients find their way back.

Despite her work as a clinical researcher and biostatistician, Lynne found herself struggling to make sense of her daughter’s signs and symptoms the first time this happened. Because of her work experiences, she was ready to do something about it. She has used all these experiences to create an AI-powered TBI dashboard that helps patients get a correct diagnosis, track their progress, and regain some control of a very scary situation. 

In this Episode of Improbable Developments, you will hear Lynne’s story and how a series of events has shaped her career. Ultimately, this journey has led to the establishment of Power of Patients, an organization dedicated to supporting the victims of TBI.  

Sound Design: Jacob Tompkins

Cover Art: Heather McCullen

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