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In addition to our courses that can be purchased, Salem Oaks has made some shorter courses available to you free of charge.

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Are We on the Right Track

Decisions Decisions

This course provides an overview to our course series Understanding Medicine Development Decision Making

You will get an overview of what it takes it takes to turn a new idea into a new medicine to your pharmacy. Along the way you'll meet a variety of people that make decisions throughout the process.

Finding the most valuable information can be a struggle for anyone.  Salem Oaks wants to make this process just a little bit easier.  Here you can find online learning, publications, and an enjoyable list of books without having to look any further.

Recommended Books

The Drug Hunters: An Improbable Quest to Discover New Medicines

This book provides a comprehensive behind the scenes history of the search for new medicines. The authors take us back to the labs to see how the discovery of medicine went from individual trial and error to industrial scale research.  By weaving in the history of what was happening around the researchers, the authors help us…

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Shifting into High Gear: One Man’s Grave Diagnosis and the Epic Bike Ride That Taught Him What Matters

The author has led an amazing life.  He has biked across America, climbed mountains, started a podcast, created a fundraising powerhouse, and even become an Uber driver.  In this book he tells us how all this got started with a life-changing diagnosis and the need to do something, anything to respond.  During his first big trike ride, the…

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Chasing My Cure

This is a remarkable story of a young man’s life and death struggle with Castleman Disease, a rare disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the body itself.  Dr. Fajgenbaum devotes his life to fighting this disease.  His story is personal, exciting, and groundbreaking.  In fact, he is now trying to replicate the success he had for…

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Recommended Podcasts

Salem Oaks produces two podcasts, Improbable Developments, and Raising Rare. You can listen to them by going to our Podcasts page.

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