The Power of Unplugging 

By Kevin Freiert My wife and I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Israel.  In addition to the wonderful sites, the new friendships we made with others in our tour group, and the joy of strengthening our faith; we by necessity had to just unplug from work.  Sure, Israel has good internet…

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A Safe Place to Practice My Story

By Kevin Freiert Life has a way of filling up quickly.  Having a rare disease, or being a caregiver to someone who does, makes every day feel a little busier, doctors’ appointments more frequent, and the list of things to remember a little longer.  When asked to share your story, it is easy to lose…

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2022: A New Beginning

Light shining through trees onto a forest road.

by Jamie Roger The last few years have been hard.  Hard for humans, and equally as hard for a business that just started to feel growth before COVID put projects, funding, and plans at a standstill.  2022 felt like a new beginning.  We were able to travel again to see so many familiar and lots…

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It’s your first day

Right now, you are alone.  When a college student arrives on campus for their first day of freshman year, they are typically alone.  They haven’t yet found a close friend, they haven’t started classes yet to meet anyone, and their roommate is more than likely a stranger.  They are a single human trying to get…

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Lost is a Starting Point.

Lost is a starting point. It’s okay to be lost and not in control.  But nothing is going to change if you don’t start.  Start talking to someone, start educating yourself, start finding other people who may be lost.  The most valuable component of your mental health is being aware of it, and what you…

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All I have to do is tell my story?

Attending conferences has played a beneficial role in my understanding of the importance of my work.  I believe that in order to succeed at what you are doing you need a clear understanding of a shared goal but also an internal motivation to achieve that goal. I am also aware that the best way for…

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Welcome to Narnia

Nikola Knezevic on

New beginnings aren’t always scary, Right? In February I decided to open the door to a world that I knew very little about. I had a willingness to embark on this adventure but no idea what I would find.  Turns out, I was right about how foreign this new world was (and not just the…

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We Don’t Have 5 years!!

Photo by Daniel Garcia on Unsplash

The moment was awkward. We had invited in a handful of patients who had the disease we were working to treat to our annual Development Team all-hands meeting.  We wanted to learn from them and to be motivated by them. They poured their hearts out to us.  They told us about their lives since the…

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How to Incorporate Family Caregivers in Chronic Care Management

We need to help people understand their rights to information (and to privacy) when they choose to help care for a family member. The article points out many barriers to family members effectively assisting in the care of loved ones. This situation seems similar to writing one’s last will and testament. It needs to happen…

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