Patients are Experts

Patients become experts in their own disease.

Patients and caregivers have a wealth of lived knowledge about their conditions. Access to a better understanding of biopharmaceutical Research and Development can help patients and caregivers share their stories and experiences, and accelerate the advancement of new treatments.

Education that meets you where you are

Salem Oaks is working towards a future where patients and their care partners play an active role in drug discovery and development; from the funding of basic research to the design of clinical trials to making their voices heard with regulators.

We offer educational programs that help you practice new skills. Our courses are interactive and help you understand what lies behind the simplistic process-chart view of drug development. We seek to meet you where you are and therefore we are building a wide range of courses for beginners through advanced patient opinion leaders.

Refer a Foundation

Salem Oaks offers free and paid courses directly for patients, however, if you enjoy our free courses we encourage you to refer your particular disease foundation or patient organization. By working through organizations we are able to offer our courses at a discounted rate as well as design new courses for specific communities.

This method worked well.
It encouraged accountability for participants to go out and learn information on their own.
I often found my self exploring further beyond the topic I was assigned.

This course gave me hope and I wish I could have taken it when I first was diagnosed.

I’d like you all to know how thankful and accomplished I feel and am!
This course has been very educational, fun, energetic, and eye-opening and it’s meant a lot!