Our Team


Kevin Freiert, MBA

Principal & Founder

Kevin is a seasoned drug developer with outstanding people skills.  He has a passion for helping people see the “bigger picture” so that they can achieve their most important goals.  During his 30-year career with Pfizer, Kevin acquired a broad and deep understanding of the Drug Discovery and Development Process.  Kevin is a proven leader able to move seamlessly between strategic and tactical discussions to move projects forward.

In addition to his business knowledge, Kevin has developed strong skills and expertise in creative thinking, change management, knowledge management, team effectiveness, and training.  During much of his career, he educated colleagues and others about pharmaceutical R&D, including establishing and running Pfizer Research University.  Kevin is known for his ability to help people understand each other’s perspectives so that they can work together more successfully.

Since starting Salem Oaks, Kevin has continued learning.  He is the host of our two podcasts. Raising Rare and Improbable Developments.

Kevin is a member of the Board of Directors for Rare New England

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Jamie Headshot 1

Jamie Roger, M.S.

Associate Director, Research

With each year of experience in the healthcare field, the community, friendships, and passion to help has grown exponentially for Jamie. Prior to joining Salem Oaks, Jamie has 4 years of experience in the human services field where she has helped individuals better understand their potentials in life.  Included in her experience is an internship with Yale University and the State of Connecticut that provided insight into helping individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse.

Jamie’s superior interpersonal skills have allowed her to connect with individuals struggling with different obstacles in their lives and has counseled them to be more aware of what they are capable of.  As a consultant in Higher Education, Jamie helped develop a Dietetic Internship program for a University of New Haven and through this, she has learned the motivation and patience that is needed for research and development.

With a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology, Jamie has a passion for better understanding how a person can reach the optimal quality of life in the face of diversity and obstacles at the individual and systemic levels.  She is driven to help people understand and work with one another more effectively across different social stratification.  She strives to fuse her knowledge of research, her passion for helping others better understand themselves and their own stories, and her desire to develop new resources to aid them in this process.

Heather McCullen, M.S.

Associate Director, Operations

Heather has been active in online Diabetes communities since her husband was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012. With Salem Oaks she uses that experience to connect with stakeholders through social media. She studied Anthropology and Linguistics as an undergraduate and has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. As the wife of someone with a chronic illness, she is conscious of the differences between how patients, caretakers, family members, and healthcare professionals experience disease. She is passionate about learning and listening to see all sides of a situation. Heather is especially interested in bringing awareness to the individuality of each person’s experience with health and healthcare, and the importance of inclusive language.