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In our work with patient organizations and disease foundations, we have noted that many people do not feel prepared to engage with scientists, clinicians, and professionals.  Even worse, they can be intimidated by the titles, degrees, and knowledge that research and development people have earned.

Improbable Developments has been created to put a human face on the Biopharma Industry.  We talk to scientists in the field to share their stories, their passion, and their motivations for entering such a challenging career.  In short, we introduce you to our listeners.

We are asking for your financial support to allow us to continue producing Improbable Developments.  If your organization would like to sponsor an episode, a season, or the entire podcast, please CONNECT below.

We are also always looking for people who have R&D experience to be guests on our show.  Do you have a good story that would help educate our listeners about the trials and tribulations of medical research?   Just CONNECT below to get started.

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